Thursday, April 17, 2014

homemade pizza vs. delivery

no brainer.

i am still such an amateur when it comes to cooking that it is almost painful to admit.  one day i hope to make the dough and the sauce for our homemade pizza's, but for now - we are getting quite good when it comes to narrowing down quality products (does that even count for anything?).  victoria's marinara sauce is unquestionably worth the extra couple of dollars.  and with fresh basil and fresh mozz in the mix, it's a wonder this pizza even got cooked at all. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

turning 29. taking stock.

i do a decent job documenting everyone else's life, that it only seemed fitting to take a moment and reflect on myself-  right now, on this day, as i turn 29.

MAKING : room in our drawers for spring clothes
DRINKING : coffee
READING : just last night i finished the signature of all things by elizabeth gilbert.  i am about to begin the goldfinch and am quite excited about it.
WANTING : a tan 
LOOKING: forward.  to everything that entails....
PLAYING : lots of devotchka pandora
WASTING : food thrown on the floor by my baby
SEWING : if only!
WISHING : that our house hunt was over.  so over
ENJOYING : watching tripp eat.  that little pincher grip has got to be THE best thing ever
WAITING :  for some inspiration
LIKING : this time off from school that's giving me the chance to catch up with friends
WONDERING : what to bring to jenna's house this afternoon (this feels like rocket science 
LOVING : my guys... seemingly more and more by the day
HOPING : for more faith
MARVELING : how quickly happiness can fill you up
NEEDING : me time, or us time, because both of those are like a mystical unicorn nowadays
WEARING : and loving my bensimon sneakers.  the french have got so many things down!
FOLLOWING : eh.  i need to be following something.  any suggestions?
SMELLING:  my fresh birthday flowers.  flowers are such an immediate mood enhancer for me
NOTICING : the mornings getting brighter and warmer and the birds chirp, chirp, chirping away
KNOWING : that i only have two more months before my baby becomes a toddler
THINKING : about my grocery list
OPENING :  my phone far too often.  working on that
FEELING : overwhelmed, and grateful - always grateful

Monday, April 14, 2014

things i've eaten and will eat again

our boy is a bit of a garbage disposal, 
so it might not be saying much, 
but this recipe was baby inspired and baby approved.

Friday, April 4, 2014

from the mouth of babes // 005

blank, age 6

"dear mrs. mylett                  from blank
you can always keep the memories of things in one 
special place, your heart.  you're my favorite and you always 
will be."

their thoughts can be so striking.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

a few photos from the last little while

march has been a whirlwind of a month for us mylett's.    a happy whirlwind, in which we were able to watch two of our favorite couples get married, and we christening our favorite little boy.  but all that traveling and celebrating has left our tanks nearly empty.  so thankful for a weekend at home with nothing on the agenda.