Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fenway park on a sunday

if there's one thing i love about boston it is all the history.
i mean, this place is old.
on sunday morning mwm and i decided to take in a last minute red sox game.
we headed down there with no tickets.
i nearly hyperventilated as he bought tickets from scalpers.
i hate that stuff.  it makes me so nervous for no reason at all really.
a couple of years ago my first graders and i took a field trip to fenway 
where i learned heaps of useless information.

did you know...
fenway park is the oldest stadium in major league baseball that is still in use, two years older that wrigley field in chicago. 

there is one red seat amongst the sea of green seats in the outfield?  that's where the longest homer in fenway ever went - ted williams hit if over 502 feet.

inside of the green monster is filled with hundreds of signatures from current and former major league baseball players.

every single home game since 2003 has been a sell-out

the dropkick murphys keep finding ways to integrate "fenway park" into their lyrics

pretty cool huh?
the sox lost.  but we had fun sweating our butts off and singing sweet caroline.


  1. You have such a cute blog, I didn't know that about Fenway Park, how cool! However my Yankee Boyfriend would probably disagree! haha... anyway, I am your newest follower and I would love it if you came and checked me out too!

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  2. how fun! you guys are adorable1 love your blog!