Tuesday, July 17, 2012

mr. mack and the flowers

i just love watching this pup's personality develop and change.
he use to be the most timid little thing who would flinch and hide at nearly every noise.
who had to be force fed ice cubes because he wouldn't drink water.
who cried himself to sleep every night.
now he's out there sniffing and eating and running and sleeping the whole darn day away. 
he even has preferences!
he prefers our bed to his bed.
the right side of the car.
his orange rubber toy.
peeing in-between the sidewalk and cars (seriously...everyday).
always, always being near you if you're sitting.

so on this day he decided it was high time to investigate the whole flower situation.
i just about died watching him try to get himself out of his own mess.
he sure is lucky grandma didn't catch him...

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