Tuesday, July 31, 2012

over the weekend...

mr. mack is such a morning pup.  he actually wakes up, jumps out of bed, sits in front of the fridge and whimpers and that's how mwm and i find out it is brekky time.  after a 2 second scarf down mack will jump right back into bed and head under the covers.
here is the key though.
no matter what you do, you cannot make eye contact with mack in the morning.  
if you make eye contact the game is over.  attack of the wiggly tailed fellow.  if he doesn't see your eyes though - you're golden.  good to sleep for as much longer as you'd like.
i told you this guy was funny.

mwm is actually in this picture but he got cut off. :(  this is mack attempting to get in between us and slobbering while doing so.  such a multitasker that one.

my dear, dear friend meredith was in town from new york.  
i am always the happiest when they are around.
we went to brunch and talked about 500 mph the whole time.
took some pictures.
drank some yummy strawberry champagne drink.
and i tried to convince her to stay another night.
pretty standard.

sunday morning silver dollar's with strawberries in the sunshine.
hows that for alliteration?

 i give this weekend a 9.  
only because next weekend i think we might get married or something like that.

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