Saturday, July 21, 2012

southie scenes

today i was feeling a bit antsy.
sometimes when i'm left alone for too long, i'm less likely to get out and do something.
does that make sense?
unless i start my day with a real plan, sometimes i'll just mope around and do nothing.
...only if i'm alone, remember
today i was alone.  and when that antsy feeling hit 
me and my trusty canon decided to take a little walk 
and document what was happening in southie.  
we left mack home and there was a certain peace i felt being alone, walking, and observing.
i live here.  i see these things everyday.
but it was nice to walk around and appreciate the same things.
(although i did miss that handsome boy)

the bakery next door

firehouse ivy

perhaps the most wonderful thing i've ever come across.

maybe i'm still obsessed with my engagement ring and didn't mind this photo flop


green eyes

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