Friday, August 24, 2012

na pali coast, kauai, hawaii

our first adventure consisted of hiking the hanakapiai trail.
we chose to tackle the whole 8 miles to check out the waterfall.
now, we consider ourselves to be quite active.
but this hike really was no joke.
luckily we happened to be hiking through heaven on earth which eased the pain.
the beauty of the na pali coast is truly indescribable.  
it's the type of place that you leave and wonder why you don't include places 
like this in your life more often.  
the type of place that leaves you in awe and wonder of mother nature and how truly powerful she it.
how neat are the little leaf waterfalls?!  i was smitten.

that sign reads "hanakapia beach warning! do not go near the water unseen currents have killed 83 visitors"
honestly, not going in that water was one of the hardest things we've ever done in our life.
ultimate tease.
we did see a man boogy boarding on our trek back.  brave fellow. (a bit jealous of the brave fellow...)

why yes, that is a toilet.  i felt like i was in slum dog millionaire because man, you could see everything.
after we made it back we proceeded to immediately jumped right in the water at kalalau beach which is pictured in the bottom left.  

all in all, one of the most well spent days of my life.
oh to be hawaiian.  they've got the right idea.


  1. this was one of my favorite trips while i lived in hawaii. so awesome. glad you guys got to do that! :)

  2. right!?! i wish we could do that every weekend....