Wednesday, September 19, 2012


perhaps i was trying to not eat useless food this week but just had pizza for dinner.

perhaps i [gently] kick my husbands clothes under the dresser since he seems to be allergic to folding.

perhaps happiness is loads of colorful fruit in my lunchbox.
perhaps i've stopped drinking coffee but now i'm kinda worried i feel like i'm starting to miss it.

perhaps someone should buy all my glass bottles from craigslist.  or maybe you shouldn't because part of me doesn't want to see them go. but the other part of me can't justify a 100+ collection, or maybe that's just my condo talking.

perhaps this is the year i fully understand football.

perhaps there are still things from my may wedding shower sitting in my car waiting to be returned (but not your gift, of course).

perhaps i wish i could pull off red lipstick.

perhaps each day...each month...each year keeps getting better and better.  perhaps.                                          [photo: north end, boston - summer 2012]

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