Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sunday boatday

mwm's been looking for a boat for two years and about three weeks ago his dream came true.
oh boy.
right type, right price, right time (for once!)...
and there you have it.  some brand new adventures to be had.
we spent sunday fishing.  well, mwm fished and i played with my camera and read Gone Girl like a manic.  have you read it?!?!  generally not my type of read, but i am so enjoying it...

our next mission: find a name for our new little lady. suggestions welcomed!

oh yea and he caught a fish :)


  1. Trying to hide this page from Husband, as I type, because he wants a boat SO badly!

    You take lovely photos. :) Enjoy your new lady friend!

  2. Oh, so jealous. I would love to have a boat!

    love, love your photos, too.