Wednesday, November 14, 2012

spoiled (thankful and happy) girl

for five loooong years this hardworking, genius man covered the midwest for work.  chicago, minneapolis, detroit, st. louis, and milwaukee were his weekly destination.  for days at a time.  i'm talking two, three, four, FIVE days at a time.  i don't mean to complain too much.  i am so very grateful he's had a wonderful job for all those years.  but now that i've had him home since march, when he had to take an overnight trip to nyc monday i found myself on earth did i do that for all those years!?  it seems nearly unfathomable to me that we survived.  especially when a single night apart felt far too long.  mainly because i never know what to eat for dinner and sleeping alone really isn't that fun.  although i did feel sneaky sleeping on his side of the bed.  plus, he gives good holds and wears his new squash sneakers around the house just for fun.  and those bad boys make me laugh.

i am grateful for jobs.  especially those that do not require traveling.
so thank you universe for giving us a shot at one of those.
or maybe just thank you husband for working so hard at getting a shot at one of those ;)
i love you.

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