Sunday, December 16, 2012

little letters

dear bedroom,
why don't your windows keep the cold air out as well as the rest of the rooms do?

dear salted caramel hot chocolate,
i haven't forgotten about you.  we will reunite soon.

dear christmas,
you are so soon.  and we still don't know what we're doing....good grief.

dear crumbs cupcake,
i think you are coming home with my husband this evening.  that makes me very happy.
dear husband,
thank you for the crumbs cupcake (i think).

dear mack,
i'm sorry you have to lose 7 pounds.  i'm also sorry you got that way.  i'm the most sorry that we don't even know how! 

dear vet,
i swear we take good care of our pup.  why don't you think it's just the "bulldog" in him like i do?

dear leg hair,
go away in the winter will ya.  or i suppose just go away all together.  you really take a good chunk of time out of my mornings.

dear weekend,
you are amazing.  the creme de la creme.  my everything.

(photo: mwm on the train to nyc years ago)

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