Friday, December 14, 2012

may peace be your gift at christmas

this week hasn't been the easiest one.
it was just busy.
and maybe i like to keep one weekday to myself, to have some me time and do whatever it is i please.
after all, i know life won't be like this forever.

that didn't happen this week.
this week was a 'have to cancel tutoring because i need to it back to the city for our refiniancing closing in time" type of week.
every. stinking. day.

but little things have been making the week less painful.
like our twinkling, green, delicious smelling tree in our living room.
everytime i stroll by it- it makes me smile.
last night i caught myself just staring at it. 
and isn't that really the whole point of the holiday season? to stop and marvel?
it is just so pretty.
i love you tree and would like to keep you the whole year.

merry, merry.

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