Thursday, December 20, 2012

the smell of christmas

i've read that the primary sense is that of smell.  and because we encounter most new oders in our youth, smells often call up childhood memories.

every year for as long as i can remember my mother has made what i refer to as, the smell of christmas.  it is a very simple mulling recipe but the holiday never seems to feel real without it. 

since i've gotten older and have moved away, my mother now sends me a box of the "smell" every year.  i love this tradition.  even though i'm perfectly capable of buying my own ingredients and making it myself. i just don't think it would smell the same if it wasn't sent by her...

warning (or common sense): make sure you replenish the water.  in college i nearly burnt our little house down by failing to do so. the apples and oranges burnt to a crisp and that was the end of that pot....and pots are very hard to come by in college.

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