Friday, December 14, 2012

to top a tree

lately i've been sort of obsessed with our family traditions.
creating new ones, and making sure we continue old ones from both of our childhoods...
i want to have all these things in place before our littles come around.
i've also been sort of obsessed with finding out own tree topper for a solid two years now.
growing up i had a beautiful angel and mwm had a star.
what did you have on top of your tree?

our current topper

 very 80s and has got a vintagey feel to it.
but for some reason i just want one that's ours.
i'm actually not sure when we even inherited this one from?

today i am loving image five; that simple bow tied up on top.
i guess i'm just hoping that one of these days, when i see ours, i'll know.  
until then, mr. vintagey star tree topper: you are our guy!

one //  two // three // four // five

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