Wednesday, December 26, 2012

gold rush

today i was writing an email and i found myself actually listing all the things that made up my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  (not to be dramatic but it really has been. my cranky pants don't even zipper anymore.  i'm not sure wearing your pants like this is even legal in some states)  but how horrible is that!?  i caught myself though before i sent it.  instead of thinking of everything that had already gone wrong that day, i started thinking of everything that i was grateful for.  i've done this before, and i think it's safe to say i swear by it by now.  it really helped me put things in persepective...and quickly.

i deleted that email and my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day has been looking brighter ever since. 

a short list of things i am grateful for on december 20, 2012:

- i don't think anything could be more humbling than the overwhelming amount of gratitute i feel to have this little miracle.  all other worries and frustrations fall to the wayside when i think of how wonderful this is.
- the upcoming ten day break from school.  pure bliss!
- chocolate icing.  by the spoonful
- a big, fat, hairy beabull to add some extra warmth to winter cuddles
- peanut butter. so legit
- black and white movies (it's a wonderful life)
- unexpected hugs
- booking a flight or a train ticket

isn't life grand?

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