Saturday, February 9, 2013

precious little life to guide and lead

at 22 weeks baby m and i over halfway done with our first adventure together.  i'm sure it's my wackadoo hormones acting up, but i just got a bit sad writing that.  i do enjoy having him in there, hanging out with me all day.  my buddy. 

this week i've officially 'popped'.  i thought i could hide that bump forever but time is up.  mwm turned to me this weekend and said, "wow - you're really pregnant".  as if we hadn't figured that out back in october....

pregnancy is facinating to me. everything i've known about my body has changed.  and what it's doing can only be discribed as miraculous.  i can't even begin to wrap my head around the fact that my body is making perfect little eyelashes and teeny, tiny toes and has decided on the shape of his beautiful eyes.  all while i sleep and work and eat (and eat and eat and eat). i hardly feel like i can take any credit.  it's like a switch went off.  "ok guys, we got one - this is it.  this is what we've been waiting for.  lets get to work".  and suddenly my body just got going.  it's a word, natural.  

i had heard over and over "wait until the second trimester, it will get so much better".  i halfheartedly believed them.  i couldn't grasp how much really could change....and so quickly!  i am feeling wonderful.  if i didn't look in the mirror i swear i would forget i'm pregnant.  but i do look in the mirror - and oh lordy, it's wild to hardly recognize yourself.  but the stretching and itchiness and leaking, it's all glorious.  i am in constant awe. 

i can feel him wiggle and move.  i can see it, too.  which absolutely blows. my. mind.  mwm often comes home to me laying on the couch (like a whale) with my tshirt pulled up just staring and laughing to myself.  

he is still my favorite daydream.  all day long i find myself wondering what he will be like.  i make lists in my head about what we already know about him and how different his life will be from what mine was growing up.  i think about the type of man i want him to be.
if baby m grows up to be exactly like mwm - i wouldn't be able ask for anything more.

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