Thursday, February 21, 2013

world race 11in11

i have been abundantly blessed with inspiring people in my life.
i met leanne leblanc my freshman year of college.  we lived across the hall from each other and easily found a friend in one another.  she helped me grow tenfold as i struggled with being away from home that first year. (and when i say struggled, i mean struggled.  homegirl had her work cut out for her!)

as the years passed we grew apart.  we had different friends and lived in different dorms, so our paths didn't cross as much.  this wasn't deliberate by any means.  just the way life panned out.  but we did always find time to connect.  whether it was a stroll on the cliff walk or a lunch date in miley hall, we kept tabs on each other.

after school i found myself living in boston.  much to leanne's - and every ones - surprise, really.
we, once again, found ourselves carving out some time for one another.

our friendship is a simple one.  one that i find incredible comfort in.  our reunions always result in spilling every little thought we have...out.  and some of those thoughts are deep and painful and require a lot of energy.  but leanne is as trustworthy as they come.  no matter how long it's been, i know i can always call her if i feel like i need someone else's perspective or their company.

the older i've gotten the harder i've found it is to make friends.
the more i realize how precious, and extraordinary, the friendship leanne and i have is.  i do feel like the luckiest.

last spring leanne told me she was signing up for  the world race.  she would be visiting 11 countries in 11 months to serve the Lord.  i told you i had inspiring people in my life!
though all i can do now is pray and donate, i thought i would send this link out into the world in case you felt moved to support her as well.  if nothing else, be sure to read her blog.

little freshman babies

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