Monday, March 4, 2013

oh, the weekend!

things that made the weekend not so splendid:
- having a mini meltdown about not being able to work out.  have you ever just needed it?  i could've run a million miles this weekend and it wouldn't have been enough.

- going to the bank to finally change my name and having the bank be closed even though it said they were open until 12pm.  then figuring, "well, at least i'll deposit my checks while i'm here" and having the atm tell you "we cannot accept checks at this time".  bank was a total bust.

-ordering general tso's chicken and finding out the restaurant is now apparently rationing the sauce.  how else am i suppose to get through all that rice?!

- being told my dear friend won't be returning to school to teach again next year :(

things that made the weekend so splendid:
- church on sunday.  that goodness leaves me feeling so inspired, and just so lasts for days!

- meeting up with old friends to eat some dinner and watch the bruin's game.  even better that these two friends tell you they are going to italy for two weeks this summer.  what could be more exciting?!

- treating myself to a decaf snicker doodle coffee from cranberry cafe.

- checking a mini house project off the list.  so darn fulfilling to see that list dwindle!

- finding out my dear friend won't be returning to school to teach again next year, but being so glad she gets the opportunity to stay home and raise her little!

- having two wonderful, wonderful people get engaged!! :)

happy monday.  here's to a lovely week ahead!


  1. You are adorable girl. Love these pictures, and yay to the good things that happened over the weekend :)
    xo TJ

  2. I like how the splendid list outweighs the not so splendid list!:-) xoxo

  3. You look so awesome! Love your stripe top :)

    1. you are too sweet- thank you so much (i hardly feel it!). and the top is jcrew factory!