Friday, March 8, 2013

the only acceptable phone call at 5:30am is one telling me i ain't got no schoooooool!

first things first, lets talk for a moment about that lovely massachusetts winter glow i've got going on.
how long before edward, bella, and i get to go hunting?

i'm not sure if i've got some sort of body dysmorphic disorder when it comes to my pup - but he looks unusually loooonggggg and gigantic to me in this photograph.  
is this how he always looks!?  i swear i had a beabull and not a great dane.

we're on our fourth snow day of the year.  so me and that guy are baking some banana bread, going to cook some kale for the first time (a little sketched out about it), take a stroll down to the water and finish up a book.  
or I may just eat the rest of the froyo and watch movies.
the beabull is already on his fourth nap of the day. 

ahh the glory of a snow day.

26 week baby m and i hope your friday is filled with something special!

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