Tuesday, April 2, 2013

surveys are kinda always fun

How far along? 30 whole weeks, today!

How big is baby? according to my app- the size of a squash.

Total weight gain/loss:  20 pounds!  i cannot believe it (in a good way...in an odd way...in a crazy way for sure).  well, to be fair, that was at my 28 week appointment.  i'm sure i'm 22 pounds by now but i've fully given up stepping on the scale.

Maternity clothes?  maternity clothes don't fit me.  the pants at least.  looking like you're wearing a diaper just isn't a good look for me.  so i've bought a couple of shift dresses and looser shirts.  thank goodness for the belly band or i'd certainly have to go to work naked.

Sleep: like a baby.  crazy dreams though!

Best moment this week: watching mwm become enthralled in a stroller conversation.

Movement:   he's having a great time in there...movin' and grovin'...

Food cravings:  not so much a craving, but i've been loving macintosh apples and cheese so much more than usual.  i eat both at least once a day.

Food Aversions: a ton in the beginning.  it was definitely all about what i was in the mood for at that moment, or else it just wasn't going to happen.  but now i'm fine.

Gender: sweet baby boy

Labor Signs:  none

Pregnancy Symptoms:  since the second trimester it has been a breeze!

Belly Button in or out? it's making its way on out.  kinda awkward not sure what to do about that.

What I miss:  hot yoga, hands down.  and my waist.

What I am looking forward to: meeting my little honeybee

Upcoming appointments/events:  checkup on friday

Milestones: having strangers ask me when i'm due.  i like that.  or maybe i just like that it's obvious i'm pregnant now and not just chowing down on donuts.

seven weeks until full term!  
i'm convinced you will make an early appearance, little boy. 
we are getting quite excited to meet you <3 i can't even think about it without my eyes watering up.

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