Monday, April 8, 2013

the busiest weekend with not nearly enough photos to prove it


baby m attended his first wedding this weekend, at 30 weeks 4 days old.  the above are the only shots i took from the wedding. which is a shame because it was such a beautiful wedding.

this weekend was bananas.
as in - have a bridal shower and wedding in one day bananas.  
as in - your best friend from california came to visit and there was not nearly enough time to see her as much as you would have liked bananas.

but it was a wonderful weekend.

yesterday was especially wonderful. 
the bitties and i had brunch at Lincoln (their marg pizza isn't too shabby) and then wandered down to the Playwrite so we could scarf some of the best spinach and artichoke dip on the east coast. 
we spent the day sitting and chatting and it was perfect.
just perfect.
it was a 'good for the soul' type of day.  jenna even mentioned how it was nice to get together without the men for a change.  we were able to spill whatever was in our hearts and minds, for about six hours straight, and it was refreshing.  and needed.

wishing miss b a safe trip back west.
we miss and love you so much.

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