Wednesday, May 8, 2013

35 weeks and a bump to prove it

35 weeks (and two days, the days are so very important lately) pregnant.  i cannot believe we are already here!  here we go month nine.  and while i can't necessarily say, "i love being pregnant", i can say i haven't minded it.  as we are getting closer to the end i find myself consciously trying to remember what it feels like to carry this sweet babe.  i'm trying hard to just savour all these little moments where i get him to myself before i have to share him with the world.  even the moments that aren't so great.  like vomiting outside your best friends engagement party in NYC because the smells and noise were just too much.  or trying to get out of bed, which is a project in itself lately.  or realizing you are going to be rotating through 3 outfits for the next couple of weeks because you have officially reached max capacity for nearly all your clothes.  these little moments help make the other moments seem so much more wonderful.  i so badly want to remember what his kick feels like, and how it feels when he's visibly lopsided and then straightens himself out, and those little hiccups.  how can you possibly remember how a hiccup feels!?  or the bazaar desire i have to never have clothes on this belly of mine.  sometimes clothes are the worst type of torture.  i love feeling and seeing him move as much as i can.  what a blessing this experience has been.  a tremendous, humbling, wild blessing.

and while this new adventure is sure to bring so much more than MWM and could ever imagine, it is a bit bittersweet to see the last chapter of our story start to close.  i have loved having MWM all to myself for all these years and will certainly miss it.  but it is unbelievably exciting to know that the little boy we've hoped for, dreamed of, and talked about for so many of those years will be joining us so soon!  we are so excited to meet you MWMIII.  you are loved beyond measure.

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