Monday, May 20, 2013

over the weekend


have i mentioned how in love with watermelon i am lately?  
well, i am.  nothing is more exciting to me right now than watermelon.
and melon and ice pops and anything that is juicy and thirst quenching.

in other news...
the beabull has been the neediest guy around lately.  
he needs to be touching me at. all. times.
people keep asking me how i've been sleeping.  and i'd be sleeping great.
if i wasn't wrestling with my pup all night.
all notions of personal space are officially out the window.
(and apparently it's mack who runs the show around here.)

our boat made the voyage from duxbury to southie. 
we sure are excited to have it down the street from us now.
and we are still desperately in need of a name for her.

our good friend 'warm weather' decided to show up for a little bit this weekend.
it was so rejuvenating.
we wouldn't mind if he decided to stick around for good.

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