Thursday, June 27, 2013

aussie aussie aussie!

today i noticed that one of my friends had posted the following:

It was 8 years ago today that I boarded a plane to Australia and spent the next 6 months discovering myself and meeting some of my favorite people in the world. Probably the singular best decision I've ever made in my life. Just a reminder to myself that new adventures can be scary but always, ALWAYS worth it. Looking forward to our 10 year reunion in Newie!

so it was 8 years ago that i left for australia?  that is wild in and of itself.  in many ways australia feels like a lifetime ago, and yet in the same breath i feel like i was there just yesterday.  

then, on pinterest, i stumbled upon the above picture.  which was so timely.  

as i've gotten older i've been able to reflect back on my life and be proud of decisions i've made and paths i've taken.  in many ways i'm not nearly as brave as i was when i made the decision to leave and live in australia.  sometimes i can't even believe that i'm the same girl who went and did that.

if your measuring a journey in miles then australia probably tops the list as is.
but if you are measuring a journey in friends?  then australia would still be at the top of the list.

i traveled to australia through a study abroad program called australearn.  through the program i was introduced to many other americans / swedes / germans / and australians who were essentially doing the same thing i was.  i'm sure it was a bit of kismet and a bit of nerves that caused us to all stick together.  after all, we had a common thread....that irrepressible need to get out and explore.  a common something that caused us to all make the decision to leave our comfort zones and move to the other side of the world.  we all saw a little bit of ourselves in one another.

since moving home i'm proud to say that we've all kept in touch.  we've attended each others weddings and do a damn good job at having a reunion at least once a year.  i'm so grateful to have these people in my life.  to have shared that experience together and to be able to see one another from time to time.  
if for no other reason then to confirm:  we really did do that didn't we?  we really did live in australia once upon a time.

we are the luckiest.

[[everyone at our goodbye dinner in newcastle, australia]]

some of our reunions through the years...



  [[christy's wedding \\ st. louis]]

 [[ellen's wedding\\ florida]]

[[our wedding \\ rhode island]]

as always - looking forward to our next reunion.
 i hope jimmy finally shows up with a keg.  

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  1. This post is beyond perfect. We are so lucky indeed....I am thankful every day. Love, love love how you describe the experience in this post - brought me to tears.