Tuesday, July 16, 2013

over the weekend...

...... MWM went to vegas for a bachelor party so danielle and megan came up to keep me company.  or more likely they came to meet their new nephew ;) but whatever the reason -me, mack and tripp were so spoiled by them the whole time!  they came with food, flowers, dog treats for mack and more gifts for baby m.  and then, they hardly let me do anything while they were here, including the dishes!  i am incredibly grateful to have friends who will hop on a smelly, sketchy bus for a four hour ride after i call them during a mini panic attack over the thought of being alone for three days straight.

in other news, i wasn't prepared for how special it would be to watch your best friends since you were 15 hold and love on your baby.  it was so surreal, i felt like i was outside my body just watching the whole thing unravel from afar.  the true love they have for tripp was so evident.  it was so humbling and beautiful to watch.  i am so certain they would have taken him back to NYC if i let them.

this all just keeps getting better and better.

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