Wednesday, July 3, 2013

this could be a brand new start

i can be a pretty stubborn person.  not all the time - but usually if i get an idea in my head it's hard for me to stray from it.  
 i've always disliked how once you have a baby people assume you are stuck at home.  one of my biggest prayers has been for this little babe to seamlessly join the life we've created for ourselves (why not dream big, ya know?).  for the past two weeks i've pushed and pushed to keep living my life the way i did before he arrived.  and sometimes this has worked out just as i imagined.  
but sometimes - i find myself trying as hard as i can to figure out how i get the stroller down our stoop without having the baby in it and without leaving the stroller outside on the sidewalk for a minute (sorry southie, i don't trust you that much).  all just to mail a package.  so that package is still on my counter waiting to be mailed.  and maybe tomorrow it will be all figured out.

the point is - i'm learning.  i'm learning that day spent indoors with your teeny, tiny, milk drunk baby is still a day well spent.  a day better spent then any day before there was him, that's for certain.
change isn't a bad thing.

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