Friday, August 16, 2013

cuisine by darlene

every summer some of my co-workers and i save our pennies and take a personal cooking class with darlene.

cooking is an area of weakness for me.  i'm more of a baker first of all, but i want to be able to cook!  i want to be able to whip up a dinner on a whim that consists more of just chicken and salad.  i want to learn about food and eat with purpose.  and coming from a loooong line of "sauce makers" and "here is my entire meal from scratch" and "we can entertain like no other"-ers, it is time to get my butt in gear.  when my mom came to watch tripp for us i was stocking up my cabinets and when it came time to buy food for dinner, i was all "what do people even eat for dinner". it was quite the pathetic revelation that i had zerooooo ideas in my dinner arsenal.  so needless to say i was quite excited for this class.

besides the company and the wine and the needed night out, the best part of this class is that you learn so many techniques.  which is good first step in my new mission, i think.  i now not only know how to pick out a good onion but also how to chop it AND store it [correctly].  the biggest "a-ha" moment for me came when we enjoyed corn straight off the cobb.  it was so mouth watering it left me wondering why we have been cooking it all these years.  so with that said, the road ahead of me is quite obviously long.  but i'm very excited.  here's hoping i get there (somewhere -anywhere) eventually....

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