Saturday, September 7, 2013

long island ---> shelter island

growing up, my family would vacation on shelter island each summer.  it is a quaint little place with not a whole lot of anything except beautiful views and delicious food.  we hadn't been in a good couple of years.  and it actually wasn't even in our summer plans until my michael suggested we all go together.  since having tripp, living away from my family has only gotten harder.  so it was more than wonderful to have a whole week together instead of the usual chinese fire drill of rushing down for a weekend and squeezing in as much as you can.  we are so blessed to have been able to spend that time together.  what a glorious way to wrap up summer.

[tripp's great grandparents.  my grandmother was barely in the house before she stole him from me]

[blackberries ripening in my parents garden]

[could certainly live off the above two]

[nona and popie took tripp for the day and we were able to have a little day date.  
we rented bikes and rode around the island having an adventure or two here and there]

[nona and popie]

[my family]

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