Friday, October 25, 2013

the adventures of mack and tripp

before tripp was born mwm and i spent many hours discussing how we think mack will do with our baby boy.  it mattered a great deal to us that it all went well.  after all, macky was our second child (our lucy was our first) and the thought of the two of them not getting along was nerve racking.  thankfully, once we brought tripp home we quickly realized that mack was insanely in love with his new little brother.  

sometimes i get sad because i think that mack doesn't get as much attention as he once did before tripp arrived.  but then i watch mack interact with tripp and quickly realize that mack isn't sad at all.  chances are he thinks the joke is on us.  if i had to guess i would say that mack thinks tripp is his baby.

tripp is starting to recognize mack, too, which is the most heartwarming sight.
he will smile while mack licks his face (although it makes me cringe- anywhere but the face, macky!) and is starting to reach for mack whenever he is near.  i am so grateful for mack's playful, sensitive, and gentle soul.

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  1. what a sweet pup you have there! and what a great idea with the mirror! instant entertainment.