Tuesday, October 8, 2013

things i've eaten and will eat again [drinking edition]

i should start at the very beginning.  i do not own a juicer.  i own a blender.  so i'm not even juicing, i'm just making really, really, thin fruit/veggies smoothies. ju-oothie, juiooth, thieju, if you will...i don't know. its not working.

this all started when i began to notice how unbalanced my diet was.  factor in adjusting to life with a newborn- and meal prep was at an all time low.  so the idea of getting a heaping serving of fruits and veggies (mainly the veggies), quickly, seemed brilliant.  side bonus: tripp seems to enjoy loud noises.   the blender sends him into a zen like trance- i'll take it!  and on top of everything else this happens to be a great way to get rid of that left over spinach we always have laying around since my ocd entirely hates when we waste food.

moving on.

i tried a simple green juice to start and before even mixing away i was in awe of how much goodness i was about to eat.  4 apples, 2 cucumbers, and 4 handfuls of spinach.  whoa.  (turns out this was waaaay too much for one juice).

i've gotten more confident in my juice making abilities and have been mixing up my own concoctions - sticking with an apple, cucumber, and lemon as my base.  the cucumber is clutch because it's 95 percent water which enables this ju-whatever to actually be a drink of some sort.  side note: cucumbers helps to keep the body hydrated while at the same time eliminating toxins and they have most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day.  the apple adds some sweetness and the lemon also helps with the liquid/flavor part.  plus, lemons are a superfood and have been used for their antiseptic properties for centuries.  then i throw in whatever is left in the fridge.  a handful of carrots, some ginger, kale, blueberries on the brink of going bad.  honestly you don't even taste half the ingredients.  unless you go overboard on the ginger.  you definitely taste that.

i don't strictly juice.  can't really say i see that in the cards.  but i can say that after having one of these bad boys for lunch, downing a buffalo chicken calzone for dinner doesn't feel quite as bad.

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