Monday, December 30, 2013

jamaica // part one

we never took a babymoon.  instead, we kept that idea in our back pockets and whipped it out later as an excuse to take a belated babymoon.  one of the most wonderful things about my husband is his ability to take charge.  more or less he came home one day and said, "we're going to jamaica".  this worked out just fine because one of the most wonderful things about our marriage is that the two of us are never picky about where we go- just as long as we are going.

we spend 5 blissful days in montego bay.  what struck me most about jamaica: the colors.  it felt like i had nothing else to say apart from, "it is just so beautiful here".  and the people!  they were filled with such spirit.  such happiness.  such gratitude to be alive.  they live life humming along to their own tune and it just oozes out of everything they do.

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