Wednesday, February 5, 2014

roomies reunited

[cameron tried to motorboat tripp but tripp was all, "listen babe, we need to take this slow."]

when we were studying abroad together in australia, dana said to me, "i've never shared more of my life with someone."  at that perticular point, she was spot on and her revelation has since stuck with me.  it is one of the only ways i can think to describe our unique friendship.  we were 20 years old and had lived together as roommates, at Salve Regina University since we were 18.  we were currently traveling the world together, and had plans to live with one another over the summer and throughout the rest of college.  she has seen me at my best, my very, very worst, and, i mean, we survived the freaking outback of australia when we had no one but one another, a jar of stolen peanut butter, and fly nets.  there is just something to be said for that.

her husband, aaron, joined the coast guard and they have spend the past four years leaving in both florida and seattle. he is now in the reserves and we are elated to have the clarks back on the east coast!   they were right when they said being reunited feels so good.

(though, i still miss seeing her face on a daily basis)

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