Monday, March 17, 2014

nine months old!

nine months!  you have been on the outside for (about) as long as you were in the inside.  you get more amazing  by the day.   you are saying "mama" which all but makes me melt into a puddle.  as well as "ra-ra-ra-ra". you will mimic most sounds that are made to you.  you are full of life and joy and it seems your little body can hardly contain it all.  when you are laying flat on your back you love to stick your arms out, rotate your wrists back and forth and make a "pshhh" sound.  your chest heaves up and down and your legs stick straight out like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz.  your excitement builds and you start screaming.  really screaming (happy screaming).  and laughing.  followed by more "pssshhh pshhh" sounds.  we refer to it as the motorcycle.  you are a biiiig fan of standing.  you can pull yourself up and love when we hold your hands to help you stand.  you do "baby push ups" and move yourself back and forth and back and forth.....still not crawling but man are you trying.  i suspect your large stomach has something to do with this.....

mack is your best friend.  you are the sweetest duo and i try everyday to figure out who loves who more.

speaking of love, you loooove food.  all food. (well, minus that avocado reaction, but we will try those again soon).  sweet potatoes are your favorite, followed by any type of food you can feed yourself.  mr. independent!  you are not into the sippy cup, but love to drink from your glass bottle with the top unscrewed.

i think you have a bit of my ocd because you LOVE your schedule.  i swear, i could set a watch to you!  you are clockwork. up at 7.  nap at 9.  nap at 2.  bed at 6:30 and repeat. 

you still are the only baby in the world who does not enjoy the bath.  or getting wet - whether it be a wipe or wet diaper.  you are out on that scene.  you have two little bottom teeth and one upper tooth that just cut through.  which just may be the cutest things in the whole world.

little boy, you stole our hearts the moment we laid eyes on you.   happy nine months.

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