Tuesday, April 29, 2014

pause - rewind - fast forward

as soon as tripp starting growing i started looking for the pause button.  i really thought i would miss the infant stage.  where they are more or less a little puddle of love to hold and keep warm for hours on end (and feed, and feed, and feed and....).  i've been pleasantly surprised to find that i, actually, don't miss it.  in fact, i'm ok that that stage is over (until i see another newborn and then my ovaries explode).

the older tripp gets the more fun he is.  his little personality is bursting out of him and it's almost like now he can be considered actual company.  just the other day i found myself thinking, "I can't wait to go to lunch with him".  referring to that day in the future when he isn't eating homemade baby food and using "ra ra ra" as a conversation starter.  sure - leaving the house has about five extra steps.  but he is so easily entertained by his surroundings, i'm not finding it nearly as overwhelming as i thought it would be. the novelty of each new experience is eye opening.  who needs an amusement park when you can just take your ten month old to bj's and let him sit in the cart like a big kid?  i find it to be a heck of a lot easier than taking a nursing newborn (with a two hour time limit before the milk alarm goes off) to target.

there you go again tripp.  making everything better than i thought it could be.

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  1. Another beautiful look into the adventure of life with Tripp. It makes me so eager for each of these precious stages. XOXO to all three of you.