Tuesday, April 15, 2014

turning 29. taking stock.

i do a decent job documenting everyone else's life, that it only seemed fitting to take a moment and reflect on myself-  right now, on this day, as i turn 29.

MAKING : room in our drawers for spring clothes
DRINKING : coffee
READING : just last night i finished the signature of all things by elizabeth gilbert.  i am about to begin the goldfinch and am quite excited about it.
WANTING : a tan 
LOOKING: closely to women with one more than child
PLAYING : lots of devotchka pandora
WASTING : food thrown on the floor by my baby
SEWING : if only!
WISHING : that our house hunt was over.  so over
ENJOYING : watching tripp eat.  that little pincher grip has got to be THE best thing ever
WAITING :  for some inspiration
LIKING : this time off from school that's giving me the chance to catch up with friends
WONDERING : what to bring to jenna's house this afternoon (this feels like rocket science 
LOVING : my guys... seemingly more and more by the day
HOPING : for more faith
MARVELING : how quickly happiness can fill you up
NEEDING : me time, or us time, because both of those are like a mystical unicorn nowadays
WEARING : and loving my bensimon sneakers.  the french have got so many things down!
FOLLOWING : eh.  i need to be following something.  any suggestions?
SMELLING:  my fresh birthday flowers.  flowers are such an immediate mood enhancer for me
NOTICING : the mornings getting brighter and warmer and the birds chirp, chirp, chirping away
KNOWING : that i only have two more months before my baby becomes a toddler
THINKING : about my grocery list
OPENING :  my phone far too often.  working on that
FEELING : overwhelmed, and grateful - always grateful

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