Thursday, May 1, 2014

shall we get deep for a moment?

psychologists say that if a relationship last longer than seven years it will last a lifetime.  

relationships have been at the forefront of my mind lately.  human relationships - my relationships.  work relationships compared to friends from home.  my mom friends compared to my college friends.   family dynamics and relationships.

within all these different types of relationships we seek safe counseling within one another.  depending on one another (or many), for comfort, support, and companionship.

i've eluded to the fact that right now life for our little family is somewhat overwhelming.  as i've been voicing our worries to others i have come to realize something --

people do hard shit everyday.  
everything even remotely worth it; embodies something hard. 

i'm well aware that this thought is not profound; nonetheless eloquent.  but having realized that our story is nothing remarkably shocking, i've been feeling better about it.

yes, it is going to be hard.  hard doesn't mean it has to be bad.  and anyway, that's why we have one another.

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