Thursday, May 15, 2014

the story of a goodbye

[homeowners!  may 2010]

it's never suppose to be about the things, it's about the people.  at least, that's how i try to lead my life.  but we get attached to things, don't we?  

there's a sting in my eyes when i think about how it won't be ours anymore.  it was the first place we ever owned and because of that, a certain sadness sinks in.

i can't help but remember when he surprised me in the kitchen with a guide book to paris.  and then two years later, we laid our heads to rest in the bedroom for the very first time as husband and wife.  we've worked through our toughest stuff there; between those walls.  it's the place we prepared for our son- and it's the home we brought him back to.  he learned to crawl on those wood floors.  and it's because we've spent so many nights sitting on that back deck listening to the noises of the city and talking.

i know one day we will walk down k street with tripp in tow.  we will point and tell him that waaaay up there was the first place he ever lived.  that the third and fourth window from the right was his bedroom.  then we'll grab some sandwiches from mirasola's and walk castle island together.

a house is just a house.
but it was the perfect setting to the beginning of our story.  

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