Thursday, June 12, 2014

found this in my drafts and it was perfect to stumble on today.

tripp, in 17 short days you will you be one whole year old.  these are a few things i'm trying desperately to hold on to before your baby days become a blur behind us.

you are fiercely independent.  the days of cuddling are long gone and you adamantly refuse to sleep with us.  in fact,  dad went in to kiss you as you were sleeping just last night, and you pushed him away.  i imagine you were saying, "not now, i'm sleeping, i'll let you know when you can kiss me again."

you are a cheerios monster and hoarder.  you prefer no less that three cheerios in your left hand as you vigorously shovel as many into your mouth as you can, with the right hand.  one more is never enough when it comes to cheerios.

crawling has been the best thing to happen to you.  you love to crawl around with your blue and red rings. up and down the hall and up and down with a pit stop here and there to see if the toilet is open for playing.

when dad gets home you squeal with delight and start clapping your hands.  it makes me a little bit jealous- in the best way possible.

we have FINALLY conquered bathtime!  that baby who despises water has taken a turn and just in time for summer.  we appreciate your timing ;)

you find such joy in people tilting their heads while looking at you.  you remind us often that it is all about the little things.

there will never be enough days filled with the reasons we love you so.
you are the happiest piece of our hearts and we are so, so blessed to have you.

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