Wednesday, June 18, 2014

one trip around the sun

one whole year.

the whole day i wanted to squeeze you a million times and kiss you  a million times and shout "you're one!  you are one whole year old!" in hopes of somehow having you realize the significance of this day.  to have you feel all the light and joy that you've brought into our lives.

oh this thing called parenthood.  it feels like we just met you, and yet; have known you forever- all at the same time.  there are a lot of things about motherhood i can't describe.  there are no words for how fleeting the time with you seems to be, or how quickly you can turn a painful day into pure joy.  no way to describe the way in which no matter how tired i am, the second i see you smile everything washes away and i'd be ready to climb a mountain with you, if that's what you wanted.  i can just gawk and aw over you and i want to profess to the world every .5 seconds how amazing and perfect you are and how i never knew anything in this entire universe could make my (our) life make perfect sense.

happy first birthday to the little boy that changed our hearts.  
there is nothing more we could ever wish to call ourselves than your mama and dada.

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