Tuesday, July 15, 2014

here's to new beginnings, cardboard boxes, and a grassy yard.

sometimes i'm so nostalgic even i can't take it.  but i just have to document our goodbye to our beloved south boston condo or i very well might self implode.

moving though.  there are just so many things that need to line up perfectly to make a successful move happen.  you double, triple check everything and then you look at that schedule and think...


we are on the other side now.  we have moved and so far seem to have lost only a sippy cup and piece of our glassware in the process. which deserves nothing less than three solid fist pumps.

on the off chance that you happen to visit and find yourself wondering why we still have so many boxes to unpack.  this is what unpacking with a one year old looks like:

we are fully expecting to see this as an olympic sport in the upcoming year ;)

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