Thursday, July 31, 2014

weekend with friends

this past weekend MWM had a college friend up visiting and we all took a spontaneous day trip to martha's vineyard on saturday.  it was an overcast day, which is quite perfect when traveling with little people (hot, scorching sun might be our thing, but certainly not theirs!).  we spent the day roaming the island, eating as much as we could and hoping tripp and emme would get picked up for a bugaboo sponsorship.

on sunday we went back to our beloved south boston in hopes of taking a boat ride.  on and off storms prevented that, but we made the best of it.  we grilled under the tent and snuck in the quickest boat ride known to man once the rain (seemed to have) stopped.  if its going to rain all weekend, you might as well be stuck with your best friends under a tent somewhere.

chicks! good luck tripp ;)

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