Thursday, January 8, 2015

new year

i buy in to every little bit of the fresh-start optimism that january brings to the table.

i love a good list of resolutions. not because i think i will actually make it back to australia this year, or read thirty books, but because of the possibility.  because it could be.  there is so much to be said for hope.  for me, writing the list feels life-affirming.  there is something so satisfyingly human to the task.

in the past, MWM and i have typed out our resolutions and framed them.  we always include a resolution that we know we will accomplish (the year we got married we included it on our list) and a life goal.  i've had the same resolution on my list for at least three years that i haven't even begun to skim the surface on.   i don't view it as failure, but rather intention.  it is important to have a focus, and for us, our list provides just that.  a pledge to move forward.  because something you haven't accomplished yet is still something you can accomplish.

here's to drafting a list.  

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