Thursday, March 26, 2015

between big and little

whenever we get together with friends for playdates there are always kind reminders to, "let the baby have that" and "be gentle, he's little"....  which I'm sure Tripp appreciates.  but the interesting thing is that T is often not that much younger than the ones being reminded of such things.  or sometimes, he is even a few months older.  i cough this up to his extended months of crawling and his fuzzy little blonde head (his momma has never looked her age, either ;).  miraculously, he seems to have kept this delicious babyness about him. 

he is very much between big and little.

between big and little there are no high chairs, only standing on the chair and feeding yourself.  there are lots of yearings for mama's cup, mama's fork, mama's plate.  what good is a fork just your size when you are big now?

language is exploding into a hundred little phrases that catch us off guard.  "did he just say, 'play with me?'." and yet, banana remains "nina".

there is putting your own toothpaste on the toothbrush, brushing your teeth, and returning both into the glass they came from.

there are failed attempts at redirection from the gigantic bouncey slide.  two blue eyes staring up at you in confusion, because ever fiber of your little body wants to do it....but they won't let adults go on it with you.

there are still the moments of resting your head on my chest and sucking your thumb.  there is the call from the bedroom from diddy that, "he just closed his eyes and laid on me, i can't believe he did that.".  and oh how we are savoring every last drop of the little.

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