Wednesday, June 17, 2015

two trips around the sun

today you are two our sunshine boy.  you are known for your infectious cackle and over the top excitement when you see balloons or the food you love.  your words have started to pour out of you.  offering complete bewilderment to your dad and i when you construct sentences, use them in context, and even infer things.  you tell so many stories and the jabber is completely endearing.  every day you ask me, "whannah go outside mamama?".  and we do.  we play in your blue car, we water the strawberry plants, of course we go on the swing and down the slide, we play with water and we collect all the balls.  you are a boy of the sea.  you love the boat and fishing, and have grabbed mackerel from the live-well with your bare hands.  your abilities and love for life never cease to amaze us.  we love being immersed in your world, you ARE our world.

happy second birthday michael william III, we love you eternally.

nostalgia: tripp's first birthday

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