Monday, July 20, 2015

gender neutral baby

when we were expecting tripp, we chose to find out he was a boy.  as first time parents, knowing the gender made the concept of parenthood tangible.

this time we have chosen not to find out the gender.  this news is met with two reactions, "oh, i could never do that- it would kill me." or "good for you, old school - i like that!".  there is also a small category of non believers who question me after every ultrasound, "so did you find out this time!?"

we have our guess, and as a team we say: boy.

now here we are, 37 weeks in, lazily debating names, a special doll, and blankets (because i'll be damned if number two doesn't get some of his/her own things.  practicality has no place amongst these hormones).  yet in all this indecisiveness, when i take a minute to stop and look around the nursery i find myself staring at the beginning of something i didn't intend to happen.  i see raw wood, white, and silver mist.  gentle light peeking through your tasseled curtains.  i see your brothers sailboat mobile and it fills me to the brim knowing you will start and end your days looking at the same thing he did.  i see you, baby, wrapped up in your muslim blanket with your sure to be chicken legs, jerkily moving about.  it is a tranquil, gentle, and serene room.  all of which is - inadvertently- our hopes for you.

it is ready for you, boy or girl, to join us and make us four.

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