Monday, February 29, 2016


i often get ask how tripp is doing now that tucker is here.

for a good while, he barely noticed him!  i've got the data to prove this theory, tallied up by the number of stray balls that made contact and near misses.  the swollen belly morphed into a fifth appendage attached to my chest.

every couple of hours tripp would stop what it was he was doing, look up at me, cup his hand to his ear and say, "oh mamah, what's dat?! tuckAH is cryyyyyiiing".  and then i'd frown back because, indeed tucker was most likely crying.

i feel like i have a secret that neither of them knows about.  that in a years time, their lives will become so entwined.  they will become so vital and important to one another that the notion of one without the other will be inconceivable.

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