Sunday, May 15, 2016

nine months of TEM

tucker edward
9 months
28.5 inches // 19.6 pounds 
two tiny chicklett teeth

our serious sweetheart!  nine whole months of head over heels falling in love you.

you are completely enamored with your big brother.  no one in this world can make you laugh or smile, or as angry for that matter, like he can.

you are our observant baby with a huge side of fiest.

you are also the baby of extremes.  one day you devour pureed food, the next day you want nothing to do with it and exclusively want to feed yourself.

you never took the the pacifier, but adore your stuff animal, wooly; and still fall asleep with your left hand draped over your eyes and your right thumb in your mouth.  you twist and turn into the craziest positions, most morning you end up vertical with your head on the opposite side i laid you down.

you are a roller and a scooter and it's a mystery how you manage to get from point a to point b without crawling.

i've said it before and i'll say it again.  every baby is a miracle, but tucker edward you are our miracle. we love you so completely and could never be without you.

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