Wednesday, June 29, 2016

go sox

we were lucky enough to receive free tickets to a red sox game this summer.  we braved the thick july heat and muscled through a few innings.  the week leading up to it, tripp kept talking about how excited he was to "go to the football game. go sox go!".  mike got us some family hats and i thought the way tripp wore his was so endearing, i love when his innocence peeks through.  tuck got MVP of the mylett family that night.  he did so well and it was a hoot to watch him clap along with the rest of the crowd.   not to mention i'm always a sucker for an excuse to dress alike :)

i want to imagine that we've grown out of the stage of parenting that compels you, to say, take your six month old trick or treating.  you are SO PUMPED to show them this magical new world.  then you're doing it and you look at each other like, "he's not even having fun?!  he doesn't understand what's happening!?".  i want to say we are far more seasoned the second time around, but we took a 3 year old and a 1 year old to fenway park in the dead of summer....and still said things like, "they are going to love this!"

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