Friday, June 17, 2016

tripp's third birthday

so today, you are three.  our ever passionate, ever curious, ever observant boy.  you have eyes like a hawk and there is not a bug or airplane that goes unnoticed.  you are compassionate, determined, and at times- wildly stubborn- and you do not stop until your head hits the pillow at night.  you are so gregarious and will do anything to make people smile or laugh.  you have a unique gift of bring playful energy where ever you go.  everything is an adventure to you, even a trip to the grocery store.  you get so excited that you shake with excitement when you're about to go on a swing, or pick out some candy.  your zest for life is a blessing to us.

the other day we were talking about your birthday and i asked you if you knew how old you were going to be.  you didn't, and when i told you you were going to turn three you said, "no, i'm not three, i'm just tripp".  i thought that was just perfect.  you are just tripp, one of the greatest loves of our lives.

happy birthday sweet boy, we will love you forever!

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